Full moon party

This legendary festivity takes place on the paradise Haad Rin beach that turns into a colorful and cheerful endless dance arena below the stars. The long beach, from one end to another becomes full of UV painted crowd, drinking from buckets and celebrating the happy life.

Fire dancers, fire-eaters, jugglers and fireworks make the magic come true. As for music, there is something for everyone here: from booming trance, techno, drum & bass… to commercial house, dance and reggae.

This is certainly the experience that will make you cross at least one item from your bucket list.

Wiki Facts

The full moon party is an all night beach party taking place in Haad Rin on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand on the night on, before or after every full moon. It all started back in 1985 thanks to a group of 20-30 tourists who found that the most beautiful moon was in Koh Phangan. They arranged the party to celebrate the full moon night. The parties gained the fame through word of mouth and the event now draws the crowd of about 5,000-30,000 in full moon evenings each month. The party carries on until the Sun rises the next day.

What to wear?

Leave your fancy shoes, high heels, party dresses and expensive shirts for another occasion as for the Full Moon party you will need cloths you don’t mind getting ruined. All you will need is brightly colored clothing and neon paint. Full moon inspired cloths are sold all over the island and most people hold them after the journey for memory.

Comfortable shoes are recommended as you will want your feet to be protected from broken bottles and glass. Once arrived to the Haad Rin beach, enjoy many artists covering your body in neon paint and get the party started!

Money money money

Be advised not to take valuable things as they can easily get lost in the crowded beach. Make sure you have a solid amount of cash with you to buy drinks (around 2000-3000 should be enough) and snacks. To enter the full moon party you’ll need to pay a fee of 100 TBH, which is around 2.5 euros / 3 dollars. The beach is full of bars that usually offer hard liquor based cocktail (usually Whisky/Vodka), with ice, coke and red bull in a bucket that you can find for 200-300 TBH. After couple of hours it is good to chill out, grab some water and maybe a bite from the local vendors. Stay hydrated so you’ll be able to party till Sunrise.

Take care of yourself and your mates and spend a night to remember.

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