What to eat in Koh Phangan?

Whether you want to eat Thai Cuisine or international food, Koh Phangan has it all. From a juicy steak to fresh sea food, numerous restaurants on the island are ready to serve you delicious food.

So when you are done drinking your delicious cocktail from V2 Seagate bar, you may feel a bit hungry afterward. Here are some suggestions!

If you want to eat like a local…

‍Thong Sala’s night food market is a perfect mix of delicious food and local culture at the same time.

This is a unique experience, described by the visitors as the “Food Heaven”. The prices are very friendly and for 50 Baht a portion you will get more than enough. Good thing to mention is that rice is included in the price, no matter what you order. Do not shy away from asking for some more food or even asking for more, as the price can be modified according to your cravings. A market is a perfect place for everyone who wants to try a variety of flavors and different Thai dishes. The best thing is that all those tourists and bag packers influenced this food market. So now, apart from Thai food, you can find all kinds of cousins from Italian to Japanese...

Try distinctive Thai curries, it doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian or not you will find just the right thing to treat yourself!

Thong Sala’s night food market‍

Fisherman's Restaurant

If you want to feel true Thai experience, you can have a casual 6km walk from V2 Seagate Hip Hotel and visit this authentic place. Fisherman's Restaurant is a really good choice if you are a seafood lover! Brace yourself for the finest fish dishes prepared by Chef Lek. Coming from a local fishing family he will make your dining experience truly unforgettable.  There are plenty of choices in the menu from king prawn curry to shrimp salad. A useful tip to know is that you can make your reservations through Facebook, so you don't have to worry is there going to be any free table.

Fisherman's Restaurant‍

Top rated international Restaurants - Comfort through familiar food...

Peppercorn restaurant

‍We all appreciate local Thai cuisine, but we all know as well that sometimes you just miss a familiar taste. On the top of the hill lies Peppercorn restaurant with the astonishing view. If you want to try mouthwatering steaks, then this is the right place for you.  Believe it or not, you can order everything from New Zealand Fillet Beef to Argentinian Tenderloin.

Romanzo Tropicale Restaurant

Everybody loves Pizza… Some would say the best pizza in Asia, but whether you agree or not you should definitely give it a go. Napolitan oven made of volcanic rock and cold Thai beer seems like something you should not miss!

So it doesn’t matter if one day you feel like partying or the next day you just want to enjoy your own company. At the end of the day in Koh Phangan, you'll find everything you search for…

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